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8pm on Tuesdays between the 4th of May to the 8th of June 2021


Irish Mission Agencies Partnership is hosting a course on Tuesdays at 8pm from the 4th of May to 8th of June.

or contact david.morrow@ufm.org.uk for more information.

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is a 6 week course facilitated by MAP to explore God’s mission read more

If your church is looking for an easy-to-use tool, which teaches, inspires, and equips everyday people to rethink God’s mission you should check out MomentumYes.com.

This is a video series for small groups that could easily be watched together, whether in person or online.

MomentumYes is designed to actively engage believers in taking the next steps in God’s mission both locally and globally. You can run your own or link in with another group.

"Momentum Yes is helpful for understanding God’s heart for the nations and inspiring our involvement in it.

"The course is free, clearly structured, easily accessible, and repeatable. If you want to spark a passion among millennials for sharing God’s love with the world then MomentumYes is for you!" - Freddy Barker

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