'Resourcing world mission together'

Newtownbreda Church

George Verwer of OM will be speaking at 4 services.

We are delighted and honoured to have George Verwer founder of operation mobilisation. He is a missionary statesman (of our generation aged 80 plus!} who God has used  to mobilise thousands onto the mission field . His ministry has virtually touched every country on the globe. Impacting millions of lives. He is brutally honest about his own failings and authentically challenging because of this.

In whatever form you can join us you would be most welcome.If you are comming in person you just need to book in .The details are on the link.

27 February at Newtownbreda Baptist Church.

9:15 am
11.00 am + live streamed.
5:15 pm
And 7pm + live streamed.

Book Tickets HERE (open after 7pm Mon 21/02/2022)

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