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Corporate giving

Employers not only bring business to Ireland, but influence the lives of employees, customers, suppliers and the local community. Donor Advised Funds provide a convenient, flexible way for your business to show it cares about The Great Commission and ways to respond to needs in our communities and the World. We can enable you to make a lasting impact at a grassroots level by identifying the very best mission projects for support.
Companies can suggest to iMAP their own named mission agencies and evangelical projects that they are particularly interested in.

How it works

We process the transfer to charities in the name of your company (if you prefer, grants can be made anonymously).

Standing order forms for partner agency or projects are available under forms.

Contact Irish Mission Agencies Partnership

Email us at:

It is important to notify us by email when donating so we have details of what your donation is for and that we can contact you.

Donate to Irish Misssion Agencies Partnership

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In all cases be sure to notify iMAP who your donations are for and your contact info.

New donors can make a declaration to iMAP HERE.

We empower companies who want to make a difference through a model of philanthropy that is based on trust, effectiveness and impact 

A Corporate Fund with us will enable you to:

Simplify your giving

Our expertise –Our team can help you connect and invest in mission agencies and projects, most important and high-impact community and voluntary organisations and innovative social change projects. Please visit our video gallery, to hear from some of our partners.

Ensure good governance

We have a strong commitment to ensuring that Irish Mission Agencies Partnership attains impeccable standards of governance and transparency and follows best international practice. We are the orgainets of charity giving for mission agencies at home and abroad complying with the Governance Code for community, voluntary and charitable organisations.