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Revolut setup Use your Revolut A/C or

Set up a Revolut account HERE

Once installed on your phone put in iMAP as a bank recipient.

  1. Open Revolut on your phone
  2. Click send
  3. Click ‘+’ to add an account
  4. Under Account details select Business
  5. Put iMAP as name and email addressas email
  6. Enter IBAN: IE29AIBK93339234120285 and  BIC: AIBKIE2D   
  7. Add recipient

Once iMAP is in as a recipient you can send easily any time. Click HERE to start.

Revolut is an online banking app that provides a convenient way to send funds to others or donations to iMAP or your church.

Donor Declaration for giving

Fill in the declaration form below to register your donation and your wishes regarding its distribution. Or download form to POST to iMAP.

I want my donation to support: PLEASE include partner agency or project name.
I am an income tax payer in the Republic of Ireland:
I accept for iMAP to store and use my contact details and only share with the relevant partner agency or project:


Contact Irish Mission Agencies Partnership

Email us at:

It is important to notify us by email when donating so we have details of what your donation is for and that we can contact you.

Donate to Irish Misssion Agencies Partnership

standing order standing order download

Use a revolut account to donate card donations made easier

Note: .

In all cases be sure to notify iMAP who your donations are for and your contact info.

New donors can make a declaration to iMAP HERE.

Supporting iMAP partner agencies.

  1. Register your donation to give us allocation details. (Donors may give to more than one partner or project)
  2. Use online bankingstanding order, Stripe or Revolut to transfer your gift.

Charity effective giving.

Where the combined donations from income tax payers exceed the €250 p/a requirement it is then possible to claim charity donation scheme at 44.5% extra. READ MORE


Thank you for your support to iMAP's partners and projects.