'Resourcing world mission together'


6 March, 2021 Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 12:30 pm

About the event

These are difficult days, however, God continues to have a mission for us on our doorsteps. We can look
back over history and see that it was in uncertain times like these that the good news of Jesus Christ
spread fastest and his church grew rapidly. So now is not the time for Christians to retreat. Rather, come
and join us to look to our great God and see how we can be involved in the great things he is doing right
now. There are still thousands from East Asia and other nations living in our communities who more
than ever need to know the goodness and grace of God.   Read More

This event is free and will take place via Zoom. Please contact Nathaniel at nathaniel.jennings@omfmail.com or 07935453864 to register.

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