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iMAP wills

Whether or not you plan to leave a legacy, making a will is extremely important, because it's the only way for you to say how your money should be used after your death.

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Fortunately, it couldn't be more straightforward. If you already have a solicitor, the first step is as simple as a phone call.

If not, you'll need to find a solicitor who will draw up a will for you. But this shouldn't take too long, as it's one of the basic services that almost all solicitors provide. You can use this link to the Law Society to help you find one in your area.

If you have any queries, or if you'd like to get in touch with iMAP directly, please contact us.

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Arranging a legacy

is really much more straightforward than you might have thought. READ MORE


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Legacy and will forms

Codicil for a legacy of a specific amount. Legacy leaving a donation for missions.

These forms are provided by iMAP for legacies and wills in leaving funds for evangelical ministries with Irish Missions Agencies Partnership partners and projects. It is important to specify the nature of ministry project or the Partner of iMAP that you wish to support.

These forms are to serve as a guide and it is recommended that they are used in consultation with a solicitor or appropriate legal advisor.

Donation fee on all donations

5% is retained by iMAP on all donations. this is capped at 5% only on the first €5,000 on a single donation.

5% of legacies is retained by iMAP, and this may be adjusted by the donors recomendations. The balance is then used according to the donors instructions.