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Charity Donations Scheme - Giving

Stewardship involves all our resources and responsibilities with regards to the 'Great Commission', finances is a part of this.

2 Corinthians 9:7 indicates that "God loves a cheerful giver", the attitude is more important than the amount. 

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How to give to iMAP

The list of iMAP partners and projects are on the contact page.

  1. Contact iMAP with your donation allocation details. 
  2. Use online bankingstanding order or PayPal / Card systems.

Specific partner / project standing order forms are available under forms on the navigation bar.

Please be aware that receipts are issued after the close of accounts at the end of each month. Where possible we prefer if donors provide an email address.

Charity tax back 44.5% extra

Giving to Irish Mission Agencies Partnership is for to support our partner agencies and projects. In the case of donations from income tax donors there is the added benefit from the charity tax back. See finance report page for details on income for partners and projects of iMAP.

Charity giving yields 44.5% extra on donations from income tax payers giving over €250 P/A. 

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