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Tax return on giving to Irish Mission Agencies Partnership as a registered charity

The Charity Donations Scheme on qualifying donations to eligible charities from income tax paying donors goes to the charity at a rate of 44.5% extra. A 5% iMAP charge applies on income up to €5,000 cut-off point in on transaction, with no additional charge on the larger amount.

donations chart €250


A donation of €250 will be grossed up at 31% as follows: 
€250*100/69 = €362.32 so the tax refund will be €362.32-€250 = €112.32.

On this basis the tax refund on a donation of €500 will be €224.64 and on €1,000 it will be €449.27.

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44.5% extra on a €250 donation yields €112.32 tax return.